HARC: Inside Chants

Improvised vocal counterpoint over a ground of chants and mantras from many faiths, crafted to move the heart to its innate state of openness, compassion and peace. With piano, medieval harp, tongue drum, flute, guitar and sruti box.

“The pure voices of Ruth and Ana, woven in a musical tapestry of simple melodies and spirited flowing harmonies, are so stunning that the listener's heart cannot escape feelings of peace and deep healing.”
Pat Moffitt Cook–Director of the Open Ear Center

“The arrangements for the chants presents each one true to its essence (I don't know this, I just feel it), and in a way, they all strike me as musical mandalas – the circularity of the chant brings forth an energy in the improvisation that creates a world of its own. I listened to it every day for a month and every day I heard something new in it. It really is a fantastic disc.”
Peter Sykes

“Whenever I've used "Sacred Light" in a massage session, clients love it! They tell me they can relax readily and feel physically and emotionally soothed. The timing on the album works perfectly for an hour session, pointing both the client and myself as therapist to inward levels of experience that allow for deep and lasting healing to come forth.” 
Patricia Gale, massage therapist Santa Rosa, CA