Sacred Light

Ruth Cunningham & Diane Stork

Music for healing and massage with harp, flute, cello and ambient voice.

“Ruth Cunningham, Diana Stork and friends have created a calm ray of peace the spirit in SACRED LIGHT. This album brings harmony, gentleness to the mind and calls forth the colorful image of light through sound.”
Don Campbell, author, composer, The Mozart Effect

“The intuitive weaving of the healing voice and timeless instruments guide listeners to a state of deep peace, and sacred stillness. Ruth Cunningham and Diana Stork create a safe container for deep rest and relaxation.”
Pat Moffitt Cook, director of the Open Ear Center, author, Shaman, Jhankri & Nele

“Whenever I've used "Sacred Light" in a massage session, clients love it! They tell me they can relax readily and feel physically and emotionally soothed. The timing on the album works perfectly for an hour session, pointing both the client and myself as therapist to inward levels of experience that allow for deep and lasting healing to come forth.” 
Patricia Gale, massage therapist Santa Rosa, CA